Have you ever wondered why exactly you need to breathe? And why you have lungs? If you want to kill your curiosity, you’re in the right place! It’s time for our second nerd breeze 🙂

In a summarized manner, you need to breathe to get oxygen to our cells, which convert the nutrients you eat into energy for your body.

But what is oxygen?

Oxygen is a vital element for humans and animals because our cells need this gas to produce energy.

So, what are the lungs for?

Oxygen passes from the air into your blood through your lungs! Then, your blood carries the oxygen to all parts of your body.

How much oxygen do you need?

It depends on how active you are. When you’re running you need more oxygen than when you’re sleeping, for example.

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What percentage of the air we breathe is oxygen?

The air we breathe is only 21 percent oxygen. Actually, it is a mixture of gases including nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour.

If we only require oxygen to live, breathing 100 percent oxygen air would be great for us?

No, it would be toxic. You’d begin to experience nausea and convulsions. In fact, pure oxygen can be deadly!

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