You’re certainly familiar with common allergies like peanuts, pollen, pet dander, eggs, milk and others.

However, as we talk about in our post TOP 5 UNCOMMON ALLERGIES, some people are allergic to very specific allergens!
Today we’ll talk about a few more examples of them.


This extremely rare allergy may cause irritation, itching, painful urination, atopic eczema, hives and swelling in the vaginal area.
Sperm allergy may also occur with one partner but not another or it may happen suddenly with a longtime partner!


Sun allergy includes all the conditions which consists in an immune system reaction to sunlight.
The most common types of sun allergies are: Polymorphous light eruption (PMLE), actinic prurigo, photoallergic eruption and solar urticaria.
Main symptoms include itchy or burning rash occurring after sun exposure.

Food smell

For people whose allergies are severe, an allergic reaction to inhaling tiny particles of food from the air is possible!
Odors from cooking fish and shellfish are the most common reported type of this kind of reaction.

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Vibratory angioedema is a form of physical urticaria which results in allergy symptoms such as hives, swelling, redness and itching
by exposing the skin to vibration. The reaction occurs within a few minutes of the stimulation and generally resolve within 30 minutes to 1 hour of stopping exposure to the vibration.


For some people, exposure to cold can lead to itchy, swollen skin, reddish and sometimes a systemic reaction.
This disease is classified as chronic when hives appear for longer than 6 weeks. No one knows exactly what causes it.

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