Our fifth award goes to Sir David Jack (1924-2011), an extraordinary pharmacologist and medicinal chemist who dedicated his life to the development of drugs for treating asthma.

Sir David Jack developed the first inhaled asthma medicine, salbutamol, which was launched in 1969 as Ventolin. By going directly to the lungs, this medicine relieved asthma symptoms almost instantly and saved the lives of hundreds of asthma sufferers!

David received many honors and won a lot of prizes because of his discoveries!

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Random Facts

Because of his amazing contribution to GSK, the company decided to make a memorial to him and rename the Ware development site in Hertfordshire as the Sir David Jack Research Center.

Did you know that David Jack also discovered Zantac, a medicine used to treat peptic ulcers?
And that he decided to stop working with experimental animals?

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