Have you ever heard of Schüessler Cell Salts?

No? It’s ok! Today, we’ll teach you some interesting stuff about this awesome complementary treatment. 🙂

What are Dr. Schüessler Cell Salts?

Dr. Schüessler Cell Salts are a set of remedies composed by natural mineral compounds that are vital to our organism. By supporting your body’s mineral balance, this kind of solution can really be a little big help for your asthma management.

This salts were identified by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler, a german physician who discovered the essential mineral compounds to our cellular health. By combining the principles of biochemistry with homeopathy, he realized that insufficiencies in these minerals are the key of a lot of health problems. If you want to know more about this theory, click here!

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Schüessler Cell Salts are super cheap, safe for children and you can use them with other medications! They’re really cheap. Check out the remedies you can use for asthma:

  • Potassium chloride (No. 4) to stimulate and expel the bronchial secretions;
  • Potassium phosphate (No. 5) for anxiety-induced asthma;
  • Potassium sulphate (No. 6) for all kinds of inflammation;
  • Magnesium phosphate (No. 7) for chest pain;
  • Arsenic iodide (No.24) for allergies.

How do you take cell salts?

They’re available in quick-dissolving tablets. You can take the tablets directly or add them to your or your child’s water bottle! Pretty simple, don’t you think? However, don’t forget to follow all label directions!

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