Strong perfumes are a common asthma trigger.

Do you love perfume but you’re allergic to it? Today we’ll show you some great alternatives 🙂

Why are you allergic to perfume?

The vast majority of perfumes on the market are synthetic fragrances made by artificial compounds including petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and many others.

All these chemicals can trigger severe asthma symptoms and allergic reactions. Besides, some of them are considered carcinogenic!

Asthma-friendly alternatives to perfume

  • Essential oils, our old friends! They’re our most obvious choice because they are natural and smell like heaven! Click here to take a look at an amazing DIY Perfume made with essential oils.
  • Natural and organic perfumes. Check out here an amazing top 18 by Well+Good.
  • Nice smelling body lotion and shampoo! Do you really need a perfume? 😛
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