Today we’re going to talk about an amazing project we found called Lungtropolis. If you have an asthmatic kid, this is absolutely perfect for you! 🙂

Lungtropolis was created especially for kids to help them to control their asthma. It was developed by the American Lung Association and ORCAS, a health care technology company that creates customized health solutions.

Click here to find its awesome action-packed games!

Here’s Lungtropolis features:

For you

Learn all you need to know to take care of your asthmatic children! Find out what asthma is all about and how to manage and control it. Get advice on using asthma medicines and what to do in an emergency.

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For your children

The city of Lungtropolis is under attack from the mucus mob, and it’s up to your child to save it! When kids visit Lungtropolis, they become asthma control agents and conquer the mucus mob. While playing, they watch videos and get helpful tips to learn how to control their asthma. Really awesome, don’t you think?

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