Our third award goes to John Mudge (1721-1793), a renowned english doctor who invented the first inhaler in 1778.

This device was developed to help his patients in their respiratory issues. It was based on a pewter tankard and it was used to inhale opium steam to treat coughs. In one of his books, John Mudge described how to use this inhaler. Let’s take a look!

  1. Pour hot water into the bottom of the mug;
  2. Close the lid and attach a textile breathing tube to the opening in the cover;
  3. Tuck the device under your arm to retain its warmth and inhale the steam trough the tube.
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Click here to see a picture of Mudge inhaler!

Random facts:

Did you know that inhalers only became connected with asthma management during the 20th century?
And that Dr. Mudge won the Copley Medal for a paper on reflecting telescopes? Amazing, don’t you think?

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