The second asthmatic we want to highlight is Jessica Marie Alba, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented stars!

Did you know that Jessica has suffered from asthma since she was 4 years old? She spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid because of her severe asthma symptoms and allergies. However, her condition didn’t deter her from playing sports, even when she was bullied at school because of her noisy breathing machine.

Nowadays, she always carry her inhaler. Besides, she learn about her allergy triggers and how to avoid them!

“As I’ve grown older, I realize that a lot of what I’m allergic to is actually the chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, nitrates and sulfates in the foods themselves. Chemicals are sprayed on fruits and vegetables and that’s what I react to. When I eliminate all that from my diet and when I eat organic, I’m fine.”

Check out the full interview between Jessica and Bonnie Siegler by Glutten Free magazine here!

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