Today we’re going to talk about an amazing project we found called Iggy and the Inhalers. If you have an asthmatic kid, this is absolutely perfect for you!

Iggy and the Inhalers was created especially for kids to help them retaining a great knowledge about asthma. It was developed by board-certified pediatric allergist and cartoonist Alex Thomas and published by Booster Shot Media.

Check out all the stuff they have about asthma:

  • Comic books with activity pages and an asthma action plan for kids! You can download it for free here!
  • Awesome videos here about all the asthma stuff like triggers, symptoms, emergencies, etc!
  • Trading cards, inhalers labels, stickers and posters.
Check this out  Lungtropolis– Kid Stuff

Random facts:

Did you know that Iggy The Inhaler, the main character of the comics, was created by twelve-year-old Alex Thomas for an asthma support group newsletter for his mother, a pediatric allergist?

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