Don’t be sad about being allergic to them!

Today we’ll tell you which flowers you need to avoid and which are allergy-friendly 🙂

How can flowers cause allergies?

The answer is simple: pollen! Do you want to know more about pollen and how it can trigger your asthma? Click here to read our post about that.

Do you have to avoid all of them?

Not really. Many flowers make very little or even no pollen!

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Here you can check out our top 6 beautiful plants for allergy suffers:

  1. Irises;
  2. Orchids;
  3. Cactus;
  4. Lilies;
  5. Tulips;
  6. Roses. Yes, roses!

And here the ones you have to avoid the most:

  1. Sunflowers;
  2. Bonsai trees;
  3. Daisies;
  4. Violets;
  5. Chamomile flowers.

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AsthmaLog Team

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