Can I be an athlete if I have asthma?

True. Of course you can be an athlete! There’re so many athletes that overcame asthma on their way to victory! All of them have been able to break records and beat their disease. We’ve already talked about David Beckham, whose story is an inspiration to young aspiring athletes around the world! 🙂

Like him, there’re hundreds of others! Here are just a few of them:

  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee, retired track and field athlete
  • Amy Van Dyken, competition swimmer
  • Nancy Hogsehead, former competition swimmer
  • Jan Ullrich, former professional road bicycle racer
  • Paula Radcliffe, former long-distance runner
  • Mark Spitz, former competitive swimmer
  • Jerome Bettis, former american football player
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Did you know that 8% of Olympic athletes have asthma?

If asthma didn’t stop them, why would it stop you?

The key is your asthma management! All you have to do is learning how to control your asthma: know and avoid your triggers, take your long-term control medications properly and treat the symptoms when they occur, making sure your action plan is up to date!

What are you waiting for? Just follow your dreams! 🙂

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