True. You are more likely to have asthma symptoms if one or both of your parents suffer for this condition.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’re required to have it! Why? We don’t know. Researchers are still finding the answer.

Asthma can be also caused by environmental factors, also known as triggers. You know them well 🙂 So, you can develop asthma even if no one else in your family has it!

Such as asthma, allergy is a multiple genetic disease too! However, a lot of allergies aren’t inherited because they’re acquired during life.

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Hippocrates, the father of asthma, was the first person to observe that asthma tends to run in families. However, it took more that 2000 years for him to be proven right!
The truth is there’s still much research to be done and a lot of things to be discovered in this area!

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