Are you sure you know all about asthma?

Today we’ll share with you our top 6 myths about asthma that you should know.

1. Supplements and natural therapies cannot cure asthma.

True, just like conventional treatments. Asthma is controllable but not curable!

2. People with asthma should avoid exercise.

False. Moderate exercise can actually strengthen your lungs! However, don’t forget to talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

3. Asthmatics can’t get the flu shot.

False! People with asthma are more likely to have serious health problems from getting the flu! So, they’re obviously approved and recommended for use in asthmatics.

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4. All asthmatics wheeze during asthma attacks.

Not true. Many asthmatics don’t wheeze at all.

5. When I have no symptoms its because asthma is already gone.

False! Asthma has no cure. People with asthma still have the disease and it can flare up at any time.

6. Asthma medication is addictive.

False. Asthma treatments are not addictive but they are necessary to manage your asthma.

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