Don’t you know how to support your child on his asthma management?

Don’t worry! Today we’ll show you some things you can do to help him to stay well and get on with doing all the things he enjoy 🙂

Check out our 11 tips to asthma management in children:

  • Go for an asthma review at least every six months;
  • Don’t forget to stock up his asthma medicines;
  • Get your child to take his medicine at the same time in the same place every day to make it part of his routine;
  • Check if your child takes his reliever inhaler everywhere, even when he’s fine;
  • Alert your friends, family, teachers and other school staff to your child food allergies and other triggers;
  • Make sure your son is prepared in case there’s an emergency. You have to explain to him as much about asthma as he can understand;
  • Make sure your child’s asthma action plan is up to date;
  • Keep your child’s action plan in places where it’s easy to find and share copies of it with him and with everyone who looks after him. Stick a copy on the fridge and take a photo of it on your smartphone;
  • If you’re a smoker or anyone else in your family, what are you waiting for to stop smoking? Helping your child feel good is the perfect motivation, don’t you think?
  • Motivate you child to stay active and keep an eye on his weight. Exercise is good for his asthma, especially activities like swimming that improve lung function!
  • Talk to your physician before your son tries a new natural therapy.
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